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Welcome to Optometric Vision Care Associates Inc.

Our doctors and staff strive to offer the very best in vision care services. Our vision therapy service includes the evaluation of visual perceptual motor dysfunctions and a customized therapy program to improve vision and resolve visual issues. Both children and adults can suffer from visual problems that hinder activities like reading, schoolwork, and more. Optometric Vision Care Associates Inc. provides unique, solutions for individuals who have been diagnosed with various visual conditions.

Vision Therapy Services 

Vision therapy includes a variety of activities for your eyes and brain. While vision therapy is not designed to strengthen your eye muscles since they are generally very strong on their own; it is a type of physical therapy that involves a variety of different visual exercises. It can be done both in our office and at home, and can help resolve many types of visual problems with repeated use over time. Some examples of vision therapy include but are not limited to: lenses, prisms, filters, selective occlusion, and an in-office vision therapy program. 

Vision therapy has been proven to be successful by improving and enhancing the patient's ability to receive and process visual information. Many visual problems can be solved through the use of various vision therapy techniques, even if you have previously been told that your condition is untreatable, or that you will have to learn to live with your condition. 

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